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VVC Beernem welcomes you to our international youth tournament.

For the 2020 edition, we welcomed teams from Algeria, Germany, France, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Senegal, Ireland, Flanders and Wallonia.

Beernem, located 8 km from the Venice of the north: Bruges. You can recognize the colors and claws of the Beernem bear in our logo. With an internationally recognized 2-star footpass label, we are the benchmark in the region for youth education. Beernem, a thriving sports community with a heart for youth, where fun and formation is the key to success.

VVC Beernem has 2 campuses with a total of 5 large sites, 3 devil sites and a ball site.  The tournament will take place on the Campus in Beernem, a site that has been completely renovated in 2018 with an ultramodern central complex.   The site is surrounded by a multipurpose indoor hall, a fast athletics track, a cross country cycling track and a fitness centre.

In the environment:

The medieval city of Bruges is one of the most visited places in Belgium. The historic city has a lot of cultural heritage, so tourists from both home and abroad visit the city en masse. Not for nothing that the historic city center of Bruges is as whole  on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Those who visit the center of Bruges will notice that the city center has retained its appearance to a very large extent. The modern era has merged in a beautiful way with the old buildings, streets and squares. However, Bruges is more than just a collection of beautiful buildings, squares and streets. Above all, it is a city where Burgundian life still occupies an important place. As befits a good Burgundian you can fully enjoy delicious food and drinks in Bruges. Bruges is a mecca for chocolate lovers. You can buy delicious chocolate products here from more than fifty local chocolatiers And of course, the country of beer! Visit the ‘Brugse zot’ brewery, voted the best beer in the world.

The Flemish Coast is the coastal strip of Belgium located on the North Sea. It is also the only coastal strip in the country. In addition to the beautiful beaches, the coast of Belgium has more to offer. There is also a lot of culture, history and beautiful nature. The most visited and popular seaside resorts are Knokke, Blankeberge, Middelkerke and Ostend. In addition to the many museums, water sports, cozy boulevards and delicious eateries, there are also a number of amusement parks and marine aquariums

In the short vicinity there is a wide choice of accommodation. Here you will find the list of hotels and lodgings.


During the tournament there is of course good food for everyone’s pleasure, culture and conviction.  Would you rather explore the pitch; Flanders as a culinary temple of Europe has much to offer.

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